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David, Ron and Brett on MyMP, 7th March 2015

David, Ron and Brett on MyMP, 7th March 2015

In February 2015 David Mejia-Canales and Ron Killeen were invited to create a talk radio segment as part of a Saturday morning breakfast program called Hootville.

David is a lawyer and legal educator – and a bloody good one – while Ron is a former Detective Senior Constable with Victoria Police. Together, the close friends / arch-enemies developed a program called Prima Facie: a fast-paced look at the week’s law and order news, from the point-of-view of a former police officer and a practising solicitor.

Police and solicitors traditionally enjoy an adversarial, sometimes fractious relationship. This is almost always the fault of solicitors. In fact, it’s widely regarded that over 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. By contrast, police are completely blameless, highly professional and entirely incorruptible.


With no shortage of sensationalist news headlines, David and Ron jumped head-first into arguing about human rights issues, amendments to weapons legislation, the counter-terrorism debate, domestic violence initiatives, the prevalence of CCTV in our community, metadata and everything else that makes a good Herald Sun headline.

Sadly, Hootville was taken off-air in May 2015. But David and Ron have continued making Prima Facie. This is its new home, in fact. We’ll keep bringing you a fortnightly podcast packed full of gritty police drama with the inevitable legal red tape.

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