Ep 39: The Queen’s Speech, Gun Amnesty, Ministers Threatened With Contempt, New Road Rule in Victoria

Federal Gun Amnesty Announced

The Minister for Justice recently announced a national gun amnesty in Australia, the first of its kind in some 20 years. The amnesty lasts for three months and allows people to hand-in firearms which might be held illegally without fear of prosecution. The Minister said, “[the amnesty] is as much about giving a family a chance to get rid of an old heirloom as it is about getting rid of guns off our streets”. Ron explains the process of handing in a firearm at a police station.

The recent State Opening of Parliament in the UK attracted unusual criticism when Her Majesty arrived without the usual pomp and pageantry. The Queen’s Speech was delayed owing to the availability of goatskin, the Duke of Edinburgh had recently been hospitalised, and everything appeared to be overshadowed by Brexit negotiations and the Prime Minister’s razor-thin victory in the June election. David explains the importance of The Queen’s Speech and what it means for us in Australia.

Three senior ministers in the Turnbull government came close to being charged with Contempt of Court after commenting on sentencing in a terrorism case. The far-reaching implications of this could have seen the ministers lose their seats in parliament, and seriously affect the Government’s majority in the lower house. We look at just how close the Turnbull government came to being dissolved.

And a new road rule in Victoria means that drivers must now slow to 40 km/h if they’re passing a road-side emergency vehicle with its flashing lights operating. Surely this is a good idea, to protect our emergency services workers? The panellists’ opinions might surprise you.

BTW, we’re back. Thanks for your patience. Normal programming has been resumed.

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