Ep 38: Victoria Police Weapons Searches at Moomba, US Missile Strikes Against Syria, ACIC Drug-Test Sewage

Victoria Police Weapons Searches at Moomba

Victoria Police conducted over 800 searches for weapons at this year’s Moomba Festival in March. The searches yielded knives, a Taser and a knuckle duster, and Victoria Police front-line troops were forced to break up fights and deploy pepper spray on several occasions to keep the peace. Interestingly though, Victoria Police conducted searches randomly without needing a reasonable belief that an offence was being committed. How is this possible? David is outraged; Ron says, write to your local MP.


US Missile Strikes Against Syria

United States President Donald Trump has ordered Tomahawk missile strikes on a Syrian military target, after nerve gas was allegedly deployed on civilians by the Assad government last week. Is this an act of war against a sovereign nation? David and Ron discuss what is, and isn’t, an act of war, and when military force can be used legitimately (if at all) against another country.


ACIC Drug-Tests Sewage

A listener asks, how far is too far? The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is analysing sewage to determine which suburbs have the highest illicit drug use. Like it or not, the ACIC has been testing our waste for methyl-amphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs and prescription medications.

And we reveal the answer to Ron’s contentious Road Rules conundrum: who has right of way at an intersection when you’re facing a Stop sign and another car is facing a Give Way sign? It kind of depends on which way you’re turning. Tune-in for a proper explanation.

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