Ep 36: Counterfeit Money, Centrelink Debacle, Freedom of Information and Bank Errors

Melbourne is awash with counterfeit $100 notes. Counterfeiters flood Melbourne with fake $100 notes. The forged bills are described as “high quality”, complete with transparent security window, and may be linked to organised crime games. What, in fact, is a note? Where are they printed, what’s their intrinsic value, and is the Federal Government really considering a proposal to permanently remove the $100 note from circulation?

Centrelink has been heavily criticised in recent weeks for its – some would say, over-zealous – automated debt recovery system. Now, the Department of Human Services has released the personal details of a Centrelink client to the media, in an effort to counter public criticism of the agency. The Human Services Minister Alan Tudge has defended the decision to release the Centrelink client’s details, saying the “[the] information was provided to correct the record in relation to those allegations.” David and Ron discuss Information Privacy law, as well as how to make a Freedom of Information Act request to a government department.

A man who withdrew $2.1 million by exploiting a bank error has had his conviction overturned in the NSW Criminal Court of Appeal. Was he charged with the wrong offence?

And when is a car not a car? If you buy and sell a motor vehicle in Victoria without registration, is there any requirement to notify VicRoads?

Find out in this instalment of Prima Facie.

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