Ep 34: Trump, Brexit, End of Days?

After the monumental referendum in June to leave the European Union, members of parliament now need to vote to trigger BREXIT. David explains the Lisbon Treaty, and what it has to do with Britain’s exit from the EU.

Listener feedback this week! David and Ron discuss the admissibility of CCTV evidence in criminal and civil cases, and a listener takes David to task about case law R v Brown discussed in episode 33.

There’s a push to have begging removed from the Summary Offences Act in Victoria. Originally contained in the Vagrancy Act 1966, “beg alms” is still an offence carrying a penalty of up to 12 months imprisonment. But fifty years since this legislation was enacted, should begging be considered a social welfare issue rather than a matter worthy of criminal prosecution?

Ron was fortunate to attend an “in-conversation” with the two defence lawyers featured in the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer. Ron recounts some aspects of the investigation which weren’t included in the documentary. Importantly, is the case a unique product of the United States judicial system, or could something like this happen anywhere?

Also last week, a man tried to citizen’s arrest a judge in the Supreme Court during an application to evict squatters. The application didn’t end well for anyone.

And David takes umbrage with Ron’s failure to vote in Melbourne’s recent council elections.

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