Ep 33: Having Your Day In Court, Jurors With Disabilities, Scary Clowns, Camels And The Clapham Omnibus

Anyone can run for Government – true? Maybe. Unless you’ve been declared bankrupt, or been convicted and received a lengthy prison sentence. A recent judgment by the Western Australia Court of Appeal has ordered a One Nation senator to pay more than $200,000 in a civil action taken against him. How will this affect the senator’s eligibility to sit in Parliament?

Have you ever wanted to contest a parking fine? “Have your day in court,” as it were? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. David and Ron explain the difference between summary and indictable offences in Victoria, and when you can (and can’t) have your case heard by a judge and a jury.

A deaf woman has sued the Queensland government over her right to participate in a jury. In a finding made against her the High Court said Queensland law did not permit an interpreter to assist a juror. (Paradoxically, as a litigant, Ms Lyons was able to run her case all the way to the High Court.) Is it time for the law to change, or do the tenets of our legal system discriminate with good reason?

And with Halloween just around the corner, what do scary clowns, camels and the Clapham Omnibus have in common? David and Ron explain in their own inimitable fashion.

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