Ep 29: The Federal Election, Citizens’ Arrest Power, 99-Year Leases in the ACT

The Federal Election is over. David was scrutineering this year, and Ron asks if the Labor Party would ever form a coalition government? Can we have another double-dissolution election, and if so, how long would we have to wait? What would happen if Malcolm Turnbull was unable to form a government? What steps would the Governor General take, and how long would we need to wait? Ron and David also discuss the merits and dangers of online voting.

Citizens’ Arrest Power: it’s a thing. Did you know that police in Victoria sometimes use the same legislative power afforded to civilians to arrest people?

And the ABC reports that if you’re buying property in the Australian Capital Territory, you’re not actually purchasing the land: you’re buying into a 99-year Crown lease. The first 99-year leases will expire in 2023, and Ron and David ask, what happens next?

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