Ep 28: Serious Crime Prevention Orders, Compulsory Voting in Australia, Parrots and Canine Units

In an effort to disrupt organised crime in New South Wales, the state parliament is currently considering a bill which would allow courts to prohibit people from doing certain things, being in particular places and even associating with specific people. The so-called Serious Crime Prevention Orders would work in a similar way to existing Anti-Terrorism Control Orders. David thinks this is a massive overreach, but is it potentially unconstitutional as claimed by the New South Wales Bar Association? [NSW Bar Association submission / PDF]

It’s election time in Australia. While we don’t have to endure two years of campaigning like in the United States, it still feels like an eternity until election day. Apart from our “democracy sausage sizzle” (yes, there’s an app for that) Ron and David discuss one of the most fundamental tenets of our political system: compulsory voting.

And a parrot in the United States may be called to give evidence in court after witnessing a murder. For serious. And a police officer in Wiltshire, UK has explained how he arrested a suspect after barking like a dog.

All this and more in the latest installment of Prima Facie.

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