Ep 27: To Wig or Not To Wig, Anti-Racism vs Anti-Islam, Changes to Myki, Uber Effectively Legalised in Victoria

Ride-sharing service Uber has effectively been legalised in Victoria: a County Court judge has overturned a conviction against an Uber driver. David and Ron discuss the Uber decision by Judge Chettle’s (link: PDF) and what it means for Victorians.

In an effort to modernise court attire, Victorian barristers have been told to abstain from wearing traditional wigs by the Chief Justice. Despite the ban, five barristers were recently accused of showing disrespect to the court by continuing to wear their wigs. We hear David’s take on the wearing of wigs and robes in Victorian courtrooms.

There were ugly scenes in Coburg on the weekend when Anti-Racism demonstrators clashed with Reclaim Australia proponents. Several people have been charged with riotous behaviour as a result. Ron asks if protests that resort to physical violence actually achieve anything at all, other than detracting from important political issues?

And David explains proposed changes to Melbourne’s Myki ticketing system, and the abolition of the $75 “on-the-spot” fine.

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