Ep 26: Rob A Bank with Small Time Criminals, Interlocks for Drink Driving, Changes to the Bail Act, Panama Papers, Murder and the Common Law

The Panama Papers scandal has seen the resignation of a Prime Minister, as well as embarrassed back-pedalling by a number of politicians around the world.  What exactly is a shell company, what are the Panama Papers and why would the world’s rich and famous register businesses in a foreign country?

Have you ever wanted to rob a bank?  A group of entrepreneurial artists in Melbourne’s inner-north has set up an “escape room”-style game in a disused bank building. But the project has drawn criticism from victims’ rights advocates who say the venture is in poor taste.

Proposed changes to drink driving legislation would see anyone convicted of exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol having their vehicle fitted with an interlock device.  Would the money be better spent in education, instead of penalising those who have already broken the law?

Recent changes to the Bail Act means it’s no longer an offence for children to breach their bail conditions. David and Ron explain what it means to be “on bail”.

Police television shows like Making A Murderer are great for network ratings.  But why are people so obsessed with murder as a part of pop culture? David and Ron explain the offence of Murder, and how investigations and prosecutions are handled by police and the Victorian justice system.

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