Ep 25: Tara Brown Channel 9 Abduction Drama, Bicycle Law Pop Quiz, Prenuptial Agreements, NSW Control Orders, International Students’ Rights

A serious legal drama is unfolding in Lebanon. Channel Nine reporter Tara Brown and a news crew have been arrested and remanded in custody following an alleged child-stealing incident. What support can Tara Brown and her team expect from the Australian Consulate? Would the alleged crime constitute an offence under Australian law, even if it occurred in another country?

Prenuptial agreements are sometimes undertaken by people entering a relationship. But are they actually worth the paper they’re printed on? David explains Family Law and how these contracts are viewed by the Court.

Last week Ron was critical of an MP and her parliamentary bill which would see the abolition of “drug dogs” in New South Wales.  This week, a number of police are in hot water for alleged racist and sexist comments posted to Jenny Leong’s Facebook page.

Control Orders can be issued by a court, effectively limiting a person’s physical movements, internet access, freedom of association and a raft of other restrictions, despite the person not being charged with a criminal offence.  Such mechanisms have existed for many years in other areas of the law, but David explains why he’s concerned about Control Orders in particular. [Link to article at ABC’s The Drum, referenced in this ep.]

Do international students have rights, above and beyond those which apply to Australian citizens? What obligations do international students have once they’ve finished their study?

And David hits-up Ron with a Bicycle Pop Quiz. Do bicycles need to be roadworthy? Can you ride a bike with just one hand on the handlebars? And how about texting while riding?

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