Ep 23: Public Transport in Japan, Royal Commissions, Riots at Moomba, Regional Police to be equipped with TASERS

David returns from Japan.  He describes an amazing world where railway stations are staffed and no-one “fare evades”.

The current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been running since 2013.  What exactly is a Royal Commission and what rules of evidence apply?  What happens if you receive a subpoena or witness summons to attend a Royal Commission?

Police have condemned the behaviour of rioters at this year’s Moomba festival in Melbourne.  Chief Commissioner Graham ASHTON says more resources will be devoted to Taskforce Tense, set up in November to crack down on street gangs believed to be responsible.  David and Ron discuss the various criminal offences which might take place in what the Herald Sun described as an “outbreak of thuggery”.

And regional police are set to receive Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs or Tasers) as part of a new equipment rollout.  General Duties and Highway Patrol officers will be trained and provided with Tasers after a successful trial which began in 2010.  David and Ron discuss the merits and dangers of Tasers being available to operational police.

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