Ep 19: Sovereign People, Anti-Vaxers, Online Harassment, Uber Illegal in Victoria

“Sovereign People” or “Sovereignists” choose not to acknowledge the laws of their country. Instead they rely on archaic legal dogma and obscure references to the Magna Carta in an effort to avoid paying fines and taxes. Sovereign People might be politically misguided, but do they pose a threat to Australia’s national security? The FBI seems to think so.

Anti-Vaxers believe they have a right to choose whether or not their children are immunised from communicable diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio and smallpox. The Federal Government is now withholding childcare rebates – up to $15,000 annually – from parents who don’t vaccinate their children. Can the Government do this legally? Does this mean the Government is, in effect, forcing people to undergo a medical procedure?

Popular feminist commentator Clementine Ford has been in the mainstream media of late, after being abused by a man online, and reporting the abuse to the man’s employer. He subsequently lost his job. Is so-called “online bullying” a criminal offence?

And how could we possibly resist? The latest decision about ride-sharing service Uber in a Victorian court finds David and Ron at loggerheads once again.

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