Ep 17: Victorian Taxi Association vs Uber, NPR’s Serial Podcast, Why Border Force Is Deporting New Zealand Citizens

The Victorian Taxi Association says it will drop industrial action against ride-sharing service Uber. While our recording pre-dates the now-infamous #yourtaxis debacle by just 24 hours, David and Ron agonise over the best way forward for Victoria’s taxis.

If you like law & order podcasts (and who doesn’t?) then you’ve probably listened to Serial podcast produced by NPR’s This American Life. Serial podcast is a real-life analysis of a young man, imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend. But could a podcast like Serial ever be produced in Australia?

And recent changes to Australian immigration law have seen an increase in the number of New Zealand citizens being held in immigration detention centres and ultimately deported. Is this the result of a departmental policy change or something that’s now required by law?

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