Ep 12: Australian Border Force Fiasco, Search Warrants, Terrorism Charges Withdrawn Against Teenager

A monumental fiasco unfolded last week when an Australian Border Force spokesperson said they would be checking anyone they crossed paths with in a joint operation with Victoria Police in Melbourne’s CBD.  After a snap protest by hundreds of people at Flinders Street Station, the operation was cancelled within just a few hours of it being announced.  Do Australian Border Force employees have the legislative power to stop you on the street and ask for your name and address?

Australian Border Force media release

ABF Media Release, 28th August 2015.
Source: newsroom.border.gov.au

Terrorism-related charges against an 18-year-old male were recently withdrawn by the Commonwealth DPP.  The teenager is still facing weapons charges and has been granted bail by a Melbourne court.  Were the charges appropriate in the circumstances?

And David and Ron discuss search warrants: why they’re issued, who they’re issued by, and when and where they’re needed.

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